2008 Projects: Wedding Table Runner

This table runner was a gift for my sister Rona and brother-in-law Todd, for their wedding in September.

Rona & Todd's wedding gift

The pattern for the flower design is from “Mountain Blossoms” by Cindy Blackberg, which was in the April 2008 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting (as a larger square table topper made up of nine blossoms).

The blossoms were hand-pieced and hand-appliqued onto the background. The swirly vines and berries were hand-embroidered, and the final piece was hand-quilted.

This was my first try at hand-piecing and once I got the hang of it, it was very satisfying. It was fun to do all of this project by hand — a special project for a very special occasion!

(There is one part that wasn’t hand-done: the binding was machine-sewn to the front of the piece, then folded over and hand-stiched to the back.)

Rona & Todd's wedding gift

Rona & Todd's wedding gift

The fabrics for the blossoms were chosen by Rona for the cute bird duo my Mom made for the top of the wedding cake — so I was working with colors I knew she liked. And I could surprise them by sneakily using the same fabrics!


I didn’t pre-measure, knowing the approximate size of their coffee table, but as luck would have it, it’s also just the right size for their entry-way side table. Cheers to the happy couple!



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2 responses to “2008 Projects: Wedding Table Runner

  1. Sheila- You are a precise, over-the-top hand-stitching wonder. Great job on this special project!

  2. What a beautiful piece of work! Very nice! I love the birds, too!

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